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Embutidos Pepe was created in 1985 in the city of Badajoz, a product of the initiative and leadership of its founders, José Luis Márquez Pérez and Lourdes Terraza González (both with extensive experience in the local products sector). As a family business, it was designed for the distribution of protected Designation of Origin food products, being quality and customer satisfaction the fundamental criteria.


The organic structure of the company, at present, consists of five people: the founders, who carry out customer service activities in the establishment, product quality control, window dressing and relationships with suppliers; their son, José Luis Márquez Terraza, whose responsibilities include e-commerce management, social networks, catering industry, receipt and processing of national and international orders, besides acting as a shop assistant; and Francisco Javier López Mato, a professional ham carver who also acts as a shop assistant and stocker in our main shop, besides being responsible for the distribution of goods to individuals and catering businesses.



We are committed to the distribution and sale of protected Designation of Origin food products.

We are specialized in: shoulder cuts, hams, cold cuts, cheeses, wines, preserves, and all kinds of food products in general, with special attention to products from Extremadura.



The shop is located in our own premises, a 80 square meters ground floor establishment were clients can find, distributed by sectors, the different products we offer to the market. In addition, there is a small back office for common business practices.

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